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My background is in traditional metalsmithing, casting and fabricating both silver and gold. I went to art school and always meant to take the jewelry classes, but never got around to it. After college I started taking jewelry at the local community college and immediately knew I had found my medium. I got so in to working with metal that within a year of taking that first class I was working for a local manufacturer of cast jewelry. I worked in manufacturing for 10 years, and for the last 7 years I was the designer for a small company that produces fabricated jewelry.

After a very long hiatus from creating my own jewelry (while the skills gained are great, making someone else's jewelry all day, every day tends to take the fun out of it), I took a PMC workshop about a year and a half ago. Discovering PMC reignited my desire to make things, I just love working with it! After that short workshop, I began buying tools and setting up my workspace in the living room, and Lulu Bug Jewelry was hatched. It feels like all my years of experience are finally coming together. I'm able to express what's been lurking inside me in a way that I like with materials I enjoy working with. I particularly like working with concrete as a way to add color to my pieces. I quit my design job at the beginning of June and now do my own work full time, selling on Etsy. I can't wait to get to my bench every day - it doesn't feel like work at all!