Surface Preparation for Metals

  • Removes copper oxides from most metals including silver, bronze and copper
  • A blend of natural 100% non-toxic food grade materials
  • Ideal for preparing sterling silver (depletion gilding) for direct incorporation in metal clay creations

Unlike traditional chemically harsh pickles, PickleIt™ is a safe alternative that will perform the process of removing fire scale and oxidation from silver, bronze and copper in most instances.

PickleIt™ is a blend of natural 100% non-toxic food grade materials that can be safely disposed of down household drains.  Just mix 1 TBSP per 8 oz water and heat until just gently boiling.  Insert the pieces to be pickled.  It will take between 2 and 5 minutes to work on most all pieces.

The primary difference in effectiveness between PickleIt™ and traditional pickle solutions is the temperature at which they are used and the speed and effectiveness of the action.  Traditional pickles should never be boiled, only heated until it just barely creates a vapor in devices such as the small crock pot.  While it is useful for stubborn oxidation problems and is the choice of most bench jewelers, we want to provide you with a viable alternative so you can see if it fits your needs.

To be most effective, PickleIt™ should be mixed according to the directions and heated until a gentle boil is attained.  This is where it works best.  Lower temperatures will slow the action.  As water evaporates it is okay to add water back to regain the original volume.  Open flame sources such as the SpeedFire® Super Mini™ can be used in conjunction with a pyrex beaker for heating the solution.

Use a plastic or wooden spoon to mix.  Do not leave process unattended.

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