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Artist Pam East has been enameling since 1997. She was named a Master Instructor for Art Clay Silver in 2005.

Over the years Pam has appeared on the highly acclaimed Carol Duvall Show on HGTV, and also on Jewelry Making on the DIY Network. She has written numerous articles for such magazines as Lapidary Journal, Art Jewelry Magazine, Glass-on-Metal, and Step-by-Step Beads. Writing about jewelry topics such as metal clay and enameling continues to be a big part of her life. Kalmbach publishing released Pam's first book "Enameling on Metal Clay" in 2007. Pam has also been an invited speaker, giving classes and lectures at such gatherings as the Enamellist Society Biennial Conference and the Metal Clay World Conference.

Born and raised in Southern California, Pam now resides in Johns Creek, Georgia with her husband, daughter, a cat, and Ari the wonder dog.


Artist Statement

Pam's work is about color and contrast. She expresses her artistic vision through the use of such techniques as contrasting textures, enamels, metal patinas, and 24K gold accents. Pam especially enjoys experimenting with new materials and techniques to develop unique designs and processes. As a result, her work is constantly evolving and growing in new directions.