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Re-moisturizing Metal Clay

by Gordon K. Uyehara

Unlike other clays, metal clay dries quickly. Fortunately, you can easily add water back into the clay. Here's how to do it effectively. Note: it is easier to knead a small piece of clay rather than the whole bag.

Work with the clay under a plastic food (Saran) wrap. Some folks prefer to use a sliced open sandwich bag. Change the wrap if it develops holes or becomes too dirty.

1) With the clay sandwiched between the folded plastic wrap, flatten it with your thumbs.

2) Add one drop of water to the middle of your flattened clay - use your paintbrush or finger.

3) Fold the clay over the drop of water.

4) Again, compress your lump by pressing down on it with your thumbs and repeatedly folding it over.

5) Repeat process for 3 to 4 drops of water, each time kneading the drop in before adding more.

6) If your clay is lumpy, roll it to give it more compression.

7) Compress into a ball to finish.

The objective of this process is to work the water into the clay rather than to just spread it around the surface (making it messy on the outside while the inside is still dry). If your clay stays crumbly, knead in some fresh clay.

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