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Lesley Messam's Top 10 Tips

by Lesley Messam

1) If you are selling in England, any fine silver over 7.5 grams in weight will need to have a hallmark. If your work does not carry a hallmark over this weight then it is not eligible to say it is silver.

2) You will make better cuts in fresh clay if you oil or badger balm your cutting blade.

3) Warm hands are not always great for working with metal clay.  If you have extra warm hands you can rub badger balm on your hands, tiles and textures that you are working with.  You can also purchase gloves in a bottle or similar.

4) 90% of your work should be done in the plaster state.  The more work you put in now, the better your finished piece will look.

5) Make the back of your jewellery as exciting as the front, as you never know who might be looking at it.

6) Always try to sketch in a design book, then once you have created the finished piece take a photo and paste in to the sketchbook. This will give you a great portfolio.

7) Make your tools work for you.  Cut your sanding pads at an angle to reach awkward areas.

8) Always use high quality brushes for pasting. This helps stop the bristles from coming out and prevents unwanted texture.

9) To polish in the back of most bails take a pipe cleaner loaded with silver polish and rub vigorously.

10) Always make a mock up of your work in polymer clay, this will save you a fortune in clay.

Last updated on Thu, December 10, 2009 by Metal Clay Guru