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Silver Metal Clay Tech Heart Pendant

by Sherri Haab

  • PMC+ or PMC3 Silver Metal Clay
  • Olive oil or Badger Balm Ointment
  • Teflon sheet or plastic work surface
  • Roller
  • Small circle clay cutter
  • Heart cutter
  • Computer circuit board (or other texture)
  • Sterling Silver head pin (at least 2" long)
  • Faceted AB crystal bead
  • Nail file
  • Brass Brush for finishing
  • Small Kiln for PMC or torch for firing
  • Fire brick or kiln shelf
  • Round nose pliers and wire cutter
  • Chain for hanging

Step 1
Roll out a thick sheet of metal clay (approximately 3/8" thick).

Step 2
Press a computer circuit board onto the clay to make a texture. Use olive oil or Badger Balm to prevent the clay from sticking to the board.

Step 3
Use a small circle cutter to cut out a circle for the middle of the heart. Use a heart shaped cutter to cut the outside shape with the cut circle centered in the middle.

Step 4
Slide a head pin vertically up through the bottom of the heart and out through the top. Twist the head pin to widen the hole a bit. Remove the head pin.

Step 5
Let the heart dry.

Step 6
Lightly sand the edges with a nail file.

Step 7
Fire the heart at 1650° for 10 minutes in kiln. You can torch fire instead with a small butane torch if using PMC3.

Step 8
After firing, burnish the piece with a brass brush. Follow with a burnishing tool or knitting needle to polish the edges and the high spots for a brighter shine.

Step 9

Thread the head pin up through the heart. Use a needle to widen the hole if necessary. This will compress and burnish the hole. Place a bead in the center of the heart and thread the head pin through the bead and up through the top of the heart. Use pliers to make a loop for hanging. Twist the wire a few times and clip off the excess wire.

Step 10
Hang the heart from a chain.

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