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How to Create Lava Beads

by Lesley Messam

Lesley has a unique process to create unique lava beads that can be used as stand alone pendants or incorporated into a more intricate design.  Make sure you are using actual lava rocks or beads and unwaxed if possible, as the wax smells when fired.  Here are Lesley's steps to success...

Step 1
Pre-fire the lava beads to 650c. Hold for 15 minutes. Allow to cool in the kiln.
Step 2
Use a coat of overlay paste. Allow to dry, then add a few thin coats of art clay paste. Allow to dry.
Step 3
Fire once again in the kiln 650c for 30 minutes. Again, allow to cool in the kiln.
Step 4
Brush with a brass brush.

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