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Create a Vessel of Pot with a Water Balloon

by Lorena Angulo

I have been using a technique I learned when I was very small in Mexico to make "Piñatas."

We formed the shape on top of a balloon.

Step 1
I use and water balloon with my metal clay because they are smaller and round. I inflate the balloon to the size I want and then I lay a layer of clay at least 4 to 5 cards thick.   Note: Don't actually fill the balloon with water.

Step 2
Carefully cut the clay around the balloon into the size and shape you want the vessel or pot to be. Let the balloon with the clay dry and then you just have to pop the balloon.  Sometimes it pops on its own because of the heat while drying.

Step 3
You now have your dry vessel or pot.  You are now ready to start the magic of your creativity and imagination with your own embellishments.

Step 4
Fire and enjoy your impressive work!

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