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Hello fellow metal clay enthusiasts!

In this report, I share my testing and experiences to date for firing PMC PRO rings. It assumes the reader has a working knowledge of creating rings with fine silver metal clays. Because this product is new, I expect that the approach and firing formula given here will change and evolve over time. My hope is that my fellow metal clay enthusiasts will use this information as a “jumping off point” as we all continue to experience and learn the best approach to working with this new product. Please “pay it forward” and share your experiences.

CLICK HERE to download my results!

-Hattie Sanderson

Hattie creates a tent/cage out of stainless steel mesh to fire her PMC Pro rings.  She provides instuctions on how to create them in her article.  Click here to view & order the mesh.

Last updated on Thu, December 9, 2010 by Metal Clay Guru