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Lorena was born in Mexico where she had a firsthand opportunity to experience the diverse cultural and artistic expressions of her country while traveling around Mexico.

She lived in Chiapas, Mexico for the first years of her life which gave her a wonderful experience and memories about the folk art and the amazing jewelry that native Indians wore and made for special occasions.

Lorena initiated her studies in Mass Communication Sciences at the Universidad Iberoamericana Noroeste in Baja California, Mexico to later continue with her major in Mass Communications and Advertising at the University of Texas at El Paso.

After several years of doing art and graphic design, as well as managing the business side of her family’s printing shop, she moved to Princeton, New Jersey to start her own family.

In 2003 Lorena and her family moved to San Antonio, Texas where her passion and love for art motivated her to study metals at the South West School of Art and Craft. It was in this school where Lorena had her first experience with metal clay through the hands of a wonderful teacher, Claire Holliday.

Lorena’s work is full of her culture and traditions from Mexico, every piece has a story to tell.

Lorena earned her certification from Rio Rewards and is a member of PMC Guild, SNAG and MCASA (Metal Clay Artists in San Antonio.)


Artist Statement

Since I can remember art has been a strong influence in my life. I come from a country, Mexico, that is so rich in traditions, culture and art and everything that surrounded me when I was a child living in South Mexico (Chiapas) was very important in my formation.

I think that I felt more in love with my country when I moved to live to the USA. I missed so much a lot of things that sometimes we can take from granted when we have them with us all the time. This great passion for my culture motivated me to take my first class in metals in San Antonio, Texas.

I had so many ideas in my heart that need it to come to life and metalsmithing allowed me to do that. When I took my first class of PMC I felt in love with this medium and since then I cannot stop working with it.

Metal clay gives the freedom to create my work with all the passion and feeling that I want my pieces to have.

My inspiration comes from my big love for my culture and traditions and this love allows me to create pieces with a lot of soul.