Lesley Messam



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My name is Lesley Messam, I am a senior art clay instructor and level 1 with the master's registry  I am also the secretary for Art clay world UK as well as being on the education committee. I have my own studio were I teach on a regular basis.  It is my passion.

I also run a small business with my husband, a three story shop selling tool's hardware and iron mongery. It is fifty years old this year, but in recent years it has taken a very famine turn, three years ago we started to sell my silver work form a very small cabinet with three shelves, the jewellery sold so well in the first year that my husband then trebled my cabinet size which was great.

Then we had a studio built so I could teach and have my workshop at home, which meant we had a large empty space in the cellar soon.  A year ago we opened the bead cellar. This has been amazing for a very male dominated business. To be quite honest Messam's has never seen so many women. In fact we no longer have the lady's saying what do you want to go in there for, its them dragging their husbands in.

I absolutely love making my jewellery which I still sell on the first floor. Our business is in Chichester, West Sussex.