Jennifer Smith Righter



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Jennifer Smith-Righter is the principal designer at Wearable by Design, a unique custom jewelry studio that designs and creates individual works of wearable art. She creates designs in fine silver and semi-precious gems in a wide range of styles, often inspired by nature or mechanical objects.  Ms Smith-Righter was formally educated in art and architecture at the in San Francisco.

"I’ve always loved jewelry and loved making things.  I feel the type of jewelry I make is a cross between building something and sculpting something.  I like pushing it and seeing just how far I can go with making beautiful, light, elegant sculptural pieces."

"I love little gears and little moving parts. I love hardware stores and machines. So I’m often making jewelry that takes something mundane and shows it’s hidden beauty. I also love natural forms -- twigs, blossoms, seed pods, etc. I’m very inspired by the things I see on my daily walks."

"I have found that while it's one thing to craft purely for the pleasure of it -- and it is very pleasurable, it's another thing to try to get to the truth about yourself and to express that clearly and uniquely through your work. If self expression is the true goal, then you must ask yourself a lot of tough questions. That can be a very personal and at times lonely journey, but also a deeply satisfying one."