Jeanette Landenwitch


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Writings by Jeanette...

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PROJECT : An Easy Enameled PMC Pendant


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BOOK : Setting Stones in Metal Clay



Jeanette Landenwitch has been working with her hands all her life. This led her first to an education in interior design, then into a career as a seamstress and clothing designer. For the last ten years, her focus has been on making one-of-a-kind jewelry in silver and gold. She teaches workshops around the world and since 2003 she has been the Executive Director of the PMC Guild International. She lives with her husband Dave in the midwest.


Artist Statement

There are two main themes that run through my work...
Nature plays a strong role. Its beauty is breath-taking, its strength awesome, its power unyielding. We as humans have a relationship with nature. We are part of nature, but we will never have control. My work depicts this relationship…..sometimes harmonious, sometimes chaotic, never stagnant, always asserting. For a while we may live away from it, but we always return. It’s our relaxation, our escape, our refuge, our shelter. It’s our protection, our sanity, our spiritual connection. It’s a gift from the powers that be, a sign there’s a higher order. Our purpose is one of awe-inspiring respect. Our charge is to take care. In the end nature prevails. Providence is in control. Our destiny depends upon it.

The being of higher intelligience...
Our relationships with each other are only as successful as our ability to communicate.
Personalities and emotions are the same everywhere, only the names and faces are different. Symbols bridge the gap. They bring cultures together. When we are in harmony, it’s beautiful!