Emma Baird




Writings by Bev



Emma Baird is a lampwork and metal clay artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She began making jewelry around 10 years ago to express her creative side after her Master of Arts in philosophy led her to a career in finance! A break after the birth of her child gave Emma the opportunity for a change in direction. She invested in all the equipment needed to make lamp work beads and began to incorporate them into her jewellery designs. It was shortly afterwards that Emma discovered precious metal clay and she was instantly fascinated in the material and the possibilities of corporating it into her lampwork. Experimenting with Art Clay Silver led to a new love affair with the material and Emma began to make jewelry incorporating both her lampwork beads and her silver work, something she still does today.

Precious Metal Clay became increasingly Emma’s focus and in 1997 she qualified as a Senior Art Clay Instructor. In the same year Emma and her mother opened The Little Bead Shop/Art Clay Scotland, a retail shop selling both beads and Art Clay Silver. Emma runs the courses at Art Clay Scotland and teaches there on a regular basis. She also frequently hosts workshops with fellow artists and has brought Sherri Haab, Hattie Sanderson and Robert Danick to Edinburgh. She is the current Chairman of the Art Clay World UK Guild and regularly writes “how to” tutorials for several UK Magazines including “Bead” and “Making Jewellery” with around 18 publications so far.