Barbe Beaty





My eclectic journey began as a small child living in a world of diverse influences.

As a black child (African American/Native American), adopted at the age of three to a Caucasian couple in the 70's, I was exposed very early on to the varying views on culture by our society. Through love and guidance, my parents not only brought awareness of our sameness to the fore front, but opened the doors to celebrating our differences. These experiences have shaped who I am, giving spiritual depth to my designs. I am a self-taught precious metals artisan, and social entreprenuer, inspired by the lives of others. Through my art, I hope to continue reaching outside my studio into the community, enlightening others to the thought that we are all artists, each with a unique story to tell and the ability to "design" our existence.

Community Work

Through my social enterprise, Njia Studios, I am Founder and Facilitator of a community based workshop, "Promise Project", for girls/women from various populations.

During these sessions, participants engage in the design, handsculpting, and hand-finishing of a fine silver token which symbolizes a personal pledge made to themselves reflective of where they‘ve been, where they are, and where they wish to be on their path through life.

About My Works

My works are inspired by my cross-cultural experiences, brought to life through self-expression and symbolism. Each organic piece is hand-etched, or hand-sculpted of fine silver creating wearable works of art.